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Our free Buy Back Guarantee is a game changer for the real estate industry. Simply put, if we miss anything we'll buy the home back for the full purchase price within 90 days of closing.

Lake City Inspections is based in Coeur d'Alene, ID and provides home inspection services in the following North Idaho communities: CDA, Post Falls, Clarksville, Hayden, Hayden Lake, Dalton Gardens, Fernan Lake Village, Harrison, Hauser, Huetter, Stateline, Worley, Wolf Lodge, Cataldo, Pinehurst, Smelterville, Kellogg, Rathdrum, Athol, Spirit Lake, Bayview, and more!

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Recent Articles

October 15, 2018
Leaves can accumulate in your gutters, preventing proper drainage

Fall Maintenance Checklist

Snow is flying in the mountains and fall is firmly upon us in North Idaho. Perhaps as a new homeowner, you are enjoying the leaves turning for the first time in your front yard! Grab your favorite pumpkin spice flavored product and let’s take a quick look at some fall maintenance tasks that are vital for homeowners to protect your home and your sanity as we […]
October 8, 2018
Mold and moisture buildup on corner wall of a house.

Protect Your Property From Water Damage

Water may be essential to life, but, as a destructive force, water can diminish the value of your home or building. Homes, as well as commercial buildings, can suffer water damage that results in increased maintenance costs, a decrease in the value of the property, lowered productivity, and potential liability associated with a decline in indoor air quality. The best way to protect against this potential […]
October 1, 2018
Keep pesky items off the home inspection report by fixing them ahead of time.

Ten Tips to Speed Up The Home Inspection

Speed up your home sale by preparing your home ahead of time using the following tips. The home inspection will go smoother, with fewer concerns to delay closing. Confirm that that the water, electrical and gas services are turned on (including pilot lights). Make sure your pets won’t hinder your home inspection. Ideally, they should be removed from the premises or secured outside. Tell your agent […]
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    Mr. McKay was very responsive in reaching out and communicating through the whole process. We received our inspection quickly and got the report back extremely fast. He was very thorough and helpful.

    Rathdrum, ID
  • House
    Very thorough, easy to understand, excellent at explaining problems...Thanks Lake City Inspections!!!
    Google Review
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    I've hired numerous home inspectors in life and never have I known one who is more capable and committed to doing the work assigned as Josh McKay. He far exceeded my expectations and so easy and enjoyable to work with. He understands his trade more than any I have met before, and you can't beat his pricing.
    Hayden, ID
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    I was skeptical about hiring a home inspector. Josh blew away my expectations. He was as detailed as you could hope for an inspector to be. One thing I greatly appreciated was that he went out of his way to meet me at the home and walk me through everything, personally. I learned quite a bit about my home before it became my home! I will recommend Josh and his services to anyone.
    Coeur d'Alene, ID
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    Josh has been my go-to guy for inspections recently and will continue to be in the future. He’s a very thorough and professional inspector and treats his clients with such respect and care. He has a quick turnaround with very user friendly reports. He’s always available for questions and veasy to get in touch with if need be. Very impressed with Lake City Inspections and I know my clients are too. 5+ stars!!
    Realtor Levi Gurno
    Coeur d'Alene, ID
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    I would recommend this Josh to everyone! Very professional and I can tell he takes his work very serious! Keep it up!
    Google Review
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    With this company it is nothing but top notch service mixed with great tech!
    Owner, Central Washington Property Restorations
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    Joshua has done several home inspections for us lately and we are so impressed! His inspection reports are really user friendly, he is professional and his follow up is amazing. All of our buyers have been very happy! Which makes us happy too!
    Realtor Nancy Gurno
    Coeur d'Alene, ID
  • House
    Josh was right on time, communication was great, and the report is awesome, and so easy to navigate! This was a HUGE job, and Josh put in the necessary time and effort to do what was needed, and with a great attitude...All in all, very professional service, and I highly recommend. Thanks Lake City Inspections!
    Coeur d'Alene, ID